931 Bank Street, Ottawa Shawarma

How We, at 3 Brothers Shawarma, Put a Unique Spin on Traditional Shawarma Recipes


Greetings, shawarma lovers! There’s something special about 3 Brothers Shawarma that keeps our customers coming back for more. With locations spanning between Ontario and Quebec, today, we want to spotlight one of our jewels – the bustling outlet at 931 Bank Street, Ottawa. Come, join us on a culinary journey as we delve into the unique spin we put on traditional shawarma recipes at this cherished location.

The Magic of Our Shawarma: Beef and Chicken

At the heart of our menu are the timeless favourites – Beef Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma. However, these aren’t your typical wraps; they embody the essence of 3 Brothers Shawarma, a blend of tradition, passion, and a hint of Canadian innovation.

Our Beef Shawarma is a savoury delight, prepared meticulously on a rotating spit, marinated in a proprietary spice blend that adds a distinctly Canadian touch to this Middle Eastern classic. Thinly sliced, it boasts a perfectly crisp exterior enveloping a juicy, tender interior.

The Chicken Shawarma, on the other hand, is a testament to our culinary fusion. The chicken is marinated in exotic spices before it’s grilled to golden perfection. Served with a tangy, mouthwatering garlic sauce, this dish pays homage to the traditional, while offering an exciting twist that’s quintessentially 3 Brothers Shawarma.

The Fusion of Flavours: Shawarma Poutine

We believe in pushing boundaries and creating something truly unique. And thus, the Shawarma Poutine was born. This fusion dish combines the comforting Canadian classic, poutine, with our exquisitely spiced shawarma, producing a gastronomical masterpiece.

Visualise a mound of crispy fries, generously smothered in rich gravy, adorned with squeaky cheese curds, and topped off with hearty portions of our signature beef or chicken shawarma. This extraordinary combination is not just food, but an experience that satisfies every craving and every palate.

A Culinary Journey from Ontario to Quebec: Celebrating 931 Bank Street, Ottawa

While our journey began in Ontario and expanded into Quebec, each of our locations offers something unique. Today, we celebrate our vibrant outlet at 931 Bank Street, Ottawa. This outlet holds a special place in our hearts, as it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of 3 Brothers Shawarma – a celebration of traditional and modern flavours.

So, whether you’re an Ottawa local, a visitor exploring the beauty of Canada, or a food enthusiast looking for your next culinary adventure, we invite you to visit our outlet at 931 Bank Street. Come and experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in every bite of our beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, or the unforgettable Shawarma Poutine.


Here at 3 Brothers Shawarma, we don’t just serve food; we create experiences. So, join us at our 931 Bank Street, Ottawa location, and let us take you on a unique gastronomic journey that you’ll never forget. We can’t wait to serve you!