3 Brothers Shawarma, 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata

Exploring the History and Origin of Shawarma at 3 Brothers Shawarma, 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata


Hello, history buffs and foodies alike! At 3 Brothers Shawarma, we serve up more than just mouthwatering dishes; we offer a taste of culture and a peek into history. With our roots spread across Ontario and Quebec, we’ve established a gastronomic legacy that resonates with our patrons. Today, we take a detour from the bustling kitchens of our 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata location to travel back in time, exploring the fascinating history and origin of shawarma.

Shawarma: A Time-Honoured Delicacy

Shawarma, a jewel in the crown of Middle Eastern cuisine, traces its origins back to the Ottoman Empire, present-day Turkey. The name “shawarma” comes from the Turkish word “çevirme”, which means ‘turning’ – an apt description for the cooking process involving a vertical spit.

Both our Beef and Chicken Shawarmas respect this centuries-old tradition. The marinated meat is stacked onto a rotating spit, slow-cooked to perfection, then thinly sliced to serve. Each bite of our shawarma is a tribute to its rich past, an homage to its cultural roots.

The Innovation: Shawarma Poutine

At 3 Brothers Shawarma, we not only honour tradition but also celebrate innovation. Our Shawarma Poutine, a fusion dish, is a testament to this ethos. It represents the beautiful meeting point of classic Canadian poutine and traditional shawarma, each element adding a chapter to the narrative of culinary evolution.

Crispy fries, hearty gravy, squeaky cheese curds topped with perfectly cooked beef or chicken shawarma – this dish is more than just a meal; it’s a symbol of how food adapts and evolves across cultures and times.

Rediscovering History at 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata

Our location at 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata, is a testament to the journey of shawarma from its Middle Eastern origins to its current status as a global favourite. Here, within the vibrant Ottawa suburb, we serve dishes that not only satiate hunger but also satisfy the curiosity about the roots of what we eat.

The journey of shawarma, its evolution, and adaptation to the local palate is a story best experienced at our Kanata location. It’s here where the old and the new come together, creating a harmonious blend of historical authenticity and modern innovation.


The history and origin of shawarma are as rich and enticing as the dish itself. At 3 Brothers Shawarma, we’re not just serving food; we’re sharing a piece of history, one delicious bite at a time. So, if you find yourself in Kanata, we warmly welcome you to our outlet at 5055 Innovation Drive. Come, explore the past, relish the present, and join us on this ongoing culinary journey.

See you soon at 3 Brothers Shawarma, 5055 Innovation Drive, Kanata, where history meets the palate!